“The recent resurgence of public markets is just a beginning. Markets spark urban revitalization, foster community diversity and improve public health. We’re on the verge of a new era of market cities, with expansive networks to connect people and places.”

-Project for Public Spaces


Originally built in 1920 as a grain elevator, the Colorado Feed & Grain building has commercial space totaling over 12,000 sq ft situated directly on the corner of Main Street and 3rd Avenue in Downtown Timnath. This town was established in 1882 by homesteaders from the East looking to create a new community and future for their families. Throughout its century of life, it has lived many chapters and we hope to make this new chapter as a public market the best yet.


In contrast to the developers that surround the CF&G along the Colorado Front Range,
Our mission is to cultivate community through culturally-responsible commerce while celebrating tradition and engaging in change to share the story of Timnath as a uniquely Colorado town, with roots in local, agricultural, and artisanal commerce stretching backwards and forwards through the centuries.
We believe the best way to achieve that mission in a sustainable and community-focused way is to support local, artisan business start-ups in the food, drink, and retail industries through a public market.
We welcomed our first tenant to the CF&G Public Market in Summer 2017 – Timnath’s only local microbrewery Timnath Beerwerksowned and operated by Timnath residents. The remaining available commercial space is a 2-story plus basement unit totaling 6,483 sq ft. Timnath is a small community, and the Downtown is a humble 2 blocks, so the CF&G is a perfectly-proportional size space. We believe in being creative and finding a way to make the best use of this unique, historic, and beautiful space as a Public Market.
Our vision is that by 2022, the Colorado Feed & Grain will be the premier destination experience that serves as a community center for culturally-responsible commerce. The CF&G will be a vital asset to Downtown Timnath that influences its greater financial and commercial success. The CF&G will be the primary venue where progress embraces tradition by people coming together to seek out experiences that demonstrate pride in community and living heritage in form of a Public Market – hosting special events, community celebrations, weekend farmers markets, and small-business vendors who share in our mission to provide our neighbors and visitors with a true community gathering place.

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